February 08, 2016

There is A Beginning, then There is An End

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It is like you start the day, or me personally, with the warmth of the sunshine. And then at the end of the day, the horizon delivers you the most beautiful moment to ease your tired mind, tired body, with its dancing palette.

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I almost saw this sacred moment every time I remembered 
‘Oh, it’s 5 p.m. It’s that time.’  A never-ending ecstasy.

I am writing this at four in the morning, a time when I should be buried under my warm blanket. Instead, I am wide awake and had a sudden idea to write this down. Thinking a year back, I remembered, how I started this blog, how I squeezed ideas into my head, into my fingers, into the keyboard, into this lovely white paper.

I do not know, how far I have walked, I have moved from the point where I put my first step. I am not sure, that these past 7 years are worthy to keep or let just end it sometime soon. There is a time when you were really into it and ignore everything else. But, there is also a time when you forgot and ignore everything, and just walked away from those things.

Sometimes, you stand up again and try to fix everything you have abandoned. Then again, you left it because you cannot do the same, like the old times. And you meet new things, new interest, and the cycle repeated. It never stops, unless you yourself put an end. And you desperately find a way, create a way, and hope there is a way. There you go, I forced you a way out.

In short, will this blog (name), will be a history, or shall the story continued? Because in 3 months, everything will be settled. And the time I spent here, from the first time I gave birth, I adore and take care this little world, until now I have seen and traveled the world outside, is likely to become less and less. The truth is, once more time, I do not know, if there will be another story, or it will just ended soon.


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